Interior Remodeling

Jota Barbosa Interiors is a company of reference in its area, offering an exclusive interior remodeling service. This whole process starts with a visit to the construction work, a previous study of the project, an execution project, project management, and finally the elaboration of the interior design.

Unique Service Excellence in the Interior Market

Jota Barbosa Interiors has at your disposal a vast team prepared so that you can dream without limits. From the moment you contact us with your inspirations, to the moment of the final delivery of the house you have so much dreamed of, our company makes sure that you will have no unnecessary concerns, and that the result will exceed your expectations.

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Stages of an Interior Remodeling Project

Completing an interior remodeling project can be a challenging but very rewarding task. As the project progresses, your inspirations begin to take shape! We present all the stages of the execution of an interior remodeling project at Jota Barbosa Interiors, so that you can renovate the environments of your home with confidence.

Analysis of the project and survey of the client's needs.

Rearrangement of plans, creation of a concept, and selection of materials and finishes with previous approval.

Execution of the specifications, bill of quantities, finishes, measurements, general and detailed drawings of written and drawn parts with a detailed price quotation.

Coordination between the client and other parties involved in the interior work where the team performs the management and monitoring of the work, demanding quality and compliance with dates.

Entry into the space to decorate the renovated area. Our team of interior designers is responsible for producing, transporting, and installing all the elements of the interior project.

After the total remodeling of the space and completing the installation, the interior design team finalizes the project by delivering the space ready to live in.

Advantages of the Interior Remodeling Project

The concept of interior remodeling is a service that includes the intervention of the architecture and interior design team specialized in interior works, the choice of materials and finishes, monitoring and supervision of the work, until the last step of decorating the interiors.  


Our focus is to provide you with a set of innovative and integrated advantages, highlighting the professionalism and exclusivity of our work practice. Our priority is to effectively meet the wishes of our clients, executing unique projects of excellence.

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